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‘My ambition exceeds my reach, never settling for the crumbs of life.’

I Did it My Way

WE ALL NEED to find meaning in our lives, to have a sense of purpose in everything we do. This will change at various stages in our lives, but as we age, our intrinsic, learned behaviour will determine what we will become and what our purpose is.

My purpose in my younger life was survival. At 14, I was the victim of a brutal racist attack. I was kicked like a football and hospitalised with a fractured skull.

By 35, I was bust, divorced, and endured extreme financial woes. By 42, I recovered and won a Businessman of the Year award. If life were a game of Bingo, I would be shouting 'HOUSE'!

I was desperate to be successful and valued, and I achieved many successes. In my working life, I have travelled the world, and I have been featured worldwide, including on BBC News and Channel 9 TV. I'm a published author of two books, a Senior Yoga instructor, NLP Coach, a former magazine publisher, and designed the livery for an international airline.

I am a survivor, and I have achieved great things despite my obstacles. People call me Mr Super-A, and I love it. I mentor and coach others using exercise to develop a behavioural habit, inspiring people from all walks of life and empowering world-class athletes.

I am living proof that if you train the right way (mentally and physically), your heart will pump as well as it did in your youth. You will also have the strength, flexibility and mobility of someone biologically younger than your chronological age.

It's not about denying who you are. I inspire through actions with a wiser, more honest approach to the truth of living a healthier, longer life. Let me show you how to address, prevent, and slow the effects of ageing: how you look, feel, and attitude. Good health is a treasure; the alternative is sickness and disability.

‘My ambition exceeds my reach, never settling for the crumbs of life.’
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