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First All-Black Team Climb Everest

NEARLY 70 YEARS ago, New Zealand explorers Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay became the best-known climbers to reach the…
Wayne Lèal
17th May 2022

Exercise's that can help you get a longer Hard-on

THERE'S NO RULE for how long a hard-on should remain naturally hard without being on any medications, but the average…
Wayne Lèal
12th May 2022

Classic White-T

EVERY THINKING MAN OWNS a classic white-T.  It has always been the one mainstay item in my wardrobe, and I…
Wayne Lèal
10th May 2022

Lucio's: why did I wait so long to eat there?

I'M NOT SURE why it took me 19 years to visit Lucio's restaurant on London's Fulham Road in Chelsea? Maybe…
Wayne Lèal
6th May 2022

Santani Mountain Retreat

I HAVE ALWAYS been fascinated by eastern healing methodology and loved running a retreat with the Ayurveda doctors at Santani…
Wayne Lèal
5th May 2022

Squats, Sex, and Age

THE SQUAT EXERCISE engages all the major muscle groups, improves fitness, and helps build strength. It can increase blood flow…
Wayne Lèal
5th May 2022
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