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EXERCISERS WHO USE popular weight lifting machines (often used by older exercisers) sell themselves short of full muscle development. Machines…
Wayne Lèal
28th Nov 2023

Meta-Age: Breaking the Age Code

THINK META-AGE - not Old Age!  Extending midlife for a healthier, longer life - not a slow descent into chronic…
Wayne Lèal
10th Nov 2023

Workout, Smoothie, and SomaDerm: my baseline.

TEN MONTHS AGO, I was introduced to SomaDerm when a homoeopath in her late fifties recommended the gel, saying it works…
Wayne Lèal
8th Nov 2023

Midlifers Need More Protein

A HIGH PROTEIN diet can boost fitness and help us maintain muscle later in life. But exactly how much protein…
Wayne Lèal
6th Nov 2023

The Mere: Touch of Class

I'M JUST A regular man who enjoys going to excellent restaurants, eating delicious food, and writing about my experiences. Anonymity…
Wayne Lèal
6th Nov 2023

Body Confidence

ONE IN FIVE women say self-image issues ‘constantly’ affect their sex lives.  Unrealistic beauty standards can make it difficult to…
Wayne Lèal
5th Nov 2023
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