Getting Older, Not Old

IN THE WEST, slow death by conformity, boredom and sickness is a hidden disease that no research foundation will ever discover.

How we age is programmed by social conditioning.

We all want to fit in. If you are different, you are ridiculed and ostracised by popular groups. We soon learn to fall in line with whatever everyone is doing, saying, wearing, wanting, or even believing.

Adverts and social media bombard us with messages on what to wear, what to look like and what we should like. A constant drip-feed that affects our behaviour without us knowing.

What do you think of when you read the word 'ageing'?

Some people's initial thoughts might be frail, dependent, weak, or grumpy. For others, the word ageing may suggest wisdom, wealth, and happiness. The type of media we watch or read will colour our view of ageing.

My Midlife Fitness program is for people who avoid the social conditioning and conformity of other people's habits, defeats, boredom, and unhappiness that imprisons their energy. 

Being different requires a behavioural shift and the bravery to not conform to societal norms. When The Times newspaper featured my training philosophy, it drew thousands of people to what I had to offer. The article spoke to them, and I communicated a language that transcended the use of words.

I attract a new genre – the 'Midlifer', who knows they are neither ready nor willing to put on their slippers, sit on their sofas and watch TV with a cup of tea or a glass of wine every evening. They are conscious of their desires, needs, and wants and feel dissatisfied with the concept of ageing, enjoying a more fulfilled life.

According to popular belief, age is merely a number. Nonetheless, most people are obsessed with anti-ageing skincare, anti-ageing lifestyles, and anti-ageing products. In a survey conducted by Pfizer, 87% of individuals fear ageing and suffer 'FOGO' (Fear of Getting Old!). 

But what if I told you that you could significantly increase your life, energy, physique and youthful mindset? This subjective experience of thinking, feeling, and acting constitutes Midlife Fitness. This is how I think, and you can too.

We all contemplate ageing. We get sick, feeble, and fear we'll never get better; or we swear we'll never be like our parents when we reach their age. At some point, ideas of ageing and curiosity about what it will be like must cross everyone's mind.

As Midlifers, we will not allow social conditioning to determine our lifestyle, enabling us to build self-confidence and self-esteem. We will not adhere to society's concept of what is appropriate for our age, regardless of what people think.

Fit Midlifers who follow the program enjoy the journey and take pleasure in a healthier longer life. Age does alter our personalities; as we get older, our perspective shifts, our value system can change, and we gain wisdom from our accumulated life experiences. 

Things that we once deemed significant are not so important. We've realised that a forceful opinion will not persuade anyone of anything. Others may perceive this as a shift in personality, but it is more of an evolution towards a more laid-back and tolerant version of ourselves.

It is not an act of narcissism to want to look good. We live in a time where we are increasingly judged on appearance above all else. And for fit midlifers, we dress how we feel — trainers, hoodies, etc. — because we are not influenced by what our peers think. We look and think younger, work out, and eat well, even when old age is beckoning. 

Ageing doesn't have to be a negative experience; you don't need to try to hold it back. Fit midlifers embrace the increase in confidence, self-awareness, maturity, resilience, knowledge, wisdom, tolerance, achievement, etc.

 Don't let yourself drift into old age. Keep your mind and body active by following my Midlife Fitness program.

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For the ‘Mid-lifer’, staying motivated to exercise can be challenging physically and psychologically. So please sign-up to my newsletter for my latest blogs, workshops and retreats.
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Even for a SUPER-A, staying motivated to exercise can be challenging physically and psychologically. So please sign-up to my newsletter for my latest blogs, workshops and retreats.
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