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GETTING IN SHAPE is easy. Staying in shape is hard. For actors to look like superheroes, it's all about training, then more training, then just a little more training. And eat high protein food to lower their total body fat to 9% or less to bring out muscle definition.

Some also apparently use human growth hormone (HGH) and testosterone injections to help bulk up quickly and speed muscle development.

They can also use every advancement in modern filmmaking, including lighting, make-up, and the ideal camera angles that make them appear to be gods.

But not everything can be faked. There needs to be enough of a good-looking figure at the start for lighting, make-up, and other upgrades to function.

To help them get in shape, actors have access to doctors, dietitians, and trained professionals. For the everyday guy expecting to transform into a superhero in six months is not realistic.

So, what does being in shape mean? I asked my friends this question, yet once you start looking for answers, you will discover it is individualised. And an explanation is more complex than it seems. The primary parameter of being in shape is physically doing what you want and need to do in your life without discomfort or pain.

There is no one true or defining answer because everyone gets to answer for themselves.

The idea of being in shape and understanding what it means delves into physical and mental health, general well-being, how your body looks, what it can do, and self-awareness.

There is not a formula for determining being in shape. There are many ways to define physical well-being, with euphemisms such as regular exerciser, healthy eater, or slim-bodied. When someone is overweight, has a disability, or is a senior citizen, they are not perceived as fit and healthy.

Fitness to many people will mean being thin, strong, and able to work out. However, being thin doesn't necessarily mean you are healthy or physically fit and active. It simply fits our culture's dominant beauty and fashion-driven standards.

Athletes are in exceptional shape because they exceed what an average body can or needs to do. In contrast, a doctor will tell you that being in shape is about being fit, physically active, mobile, and happy, rather than what your body looks like. Some people equate being in shape with being healthy, while others are physically fit.

Gyms are full of people who are less toned, overweight, and "fit." However, being overweight or obese is strongly correlated with challenging health outcomes.

In reality, you don't need to look or be athletic to be – in shape. A more petite person might be strong, without an outwardly firm appearance, yet can run, swim or cycle well. A larger person might be a super-flexible yogi in ways we might not expect.

It's your fitness rather than your shape that matters most. Numerous scientific studies have proven that people who participate in regular physical activity enjoy better health, unlike people with a sedentary lifestyle prone to diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer's, and degenerative diseases.

Studies show that incorporating more exercise into your life can reverse the adverse effects of sedentary lifestyle habits. If you want to get toned and in better shape, there are many effective ways to achieve your "getting in shape" goals.

The actor Idris Elba looks good at 49, demonstrating that gaining muscle is still possible even after turning 40. He is also a kickboxer, and he visits the dojo two to three times per week, concentrating on three-minute drills where he practises high and low kicks, combos, and mild sparring.

Elba Fitness tips.

  1. Have a substantial breakfast.
  2. Keep your weight steady. "With age, there's a natural sort of chubbiness coming. When I was younger, I could never put weight on." However, if I exercise for a week, the effect quickly fades.
  3. Keep playing sports. My training is a necessary part of life. It's a fantastic way to stay active and unknowingly burn hundreds of calories.

Finally, even though looks aren't everything, getting in better shape can make you look and feel better and boost your confidence. When you are in shape, it enhances every part of your body, from how your skin looks to how your body looks and moves.

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Even for a SUPER-A, staying motivated to exercise can be challenging physically and psychologically. So please sign-up to my newsletter for my latest blogs, workshops and retreats.
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