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WHEN I PURCHASE clothing, I intend to keep it for an extended period. I cannot tell you how much money I have saved over the years by purchasing high-quality clothing and not having to replace it regularly. Durability is essential in many things, but in clothing more than anything else. What clothes we wear is governed by our appreciation of their appearance, so we want them to last.

By default, this week, I went to THRUDARK'S clothing event because it was a chance to catch up with a friend, and someone else was paying for the beer. Over the years, I have been to a shedload of launches for a ton of 'stuff'. I hang around, listen to the guff, and take home the goodie bag that now languishes at the bottom of my wardrobe.

But this event felt different, and the story unfolded when I met the founders, Staz and Louis, former Special Forces soldiers. These guys endured some of the world's most challenging environments in highly demanding circumstances. Their clothing brand was there to represent endurance through difficult situations.

Talking to their designers, suppliers and team members, I instantly knew this was a brand that knows and understands who its clients will be. It was fundamental to their shared ideals and attitudes.

These guys and girls are a tribe, a band of brothers who say, 'We're in this together. They share beliefs conceived through their thoughts and actions, not in a factory.

They understand the creative process and always look for new methods to build the brand. Their brand framework guides all of their actions and ensures that they are consistent, and because actions speak louder than words, their core concept consists of positive values and attitudes.

Staz and Louis know that people must define themselves and express themselves. Thrudark provides its tribe with the opportunity to express themselves through the brand, which has become a sign of something — you're a winner.

Malcolm X said, 'A man who stands for nothing falls for anything.' Thrudark represents something relevant, consistent, and straightforward. People desire to be part of a group, which motivates the masses. Similar to their military uniforms, they have established a new identity related to their story. They emanate high testosterone energy that embodies their worldview. And they maintain their integrity.

Their history and quality set them apart from others as former serving soldiers. As a visual product, its apparel catches people's attention. Their second reason for growth and customer retention is their focus on quality and comfort.

Thrudark ambassador Victoria Pendleton is a former track cyclist who specialised in the sprint, team sprint and keirin disciplines. And former Olympic, World, European and Commonwealth champion.

Most new clothing manufacturers believe printing their mark on the basic street or athletic gear is sufficient. The apparel produced by Thrudark is of high quality, has a solid pedigree, is well-fitting, and is crafted from exquisite fabrics and designs that stand out. Their apparel is ideal because it encapsulates quality, form, and function.

How I Determine THRUDARK Quality

• Durable material and construction

• All seams firmly sewn

• The threading is snug

• Thinner button securing

• Each piece is intricately crafted

If you are having problems identifying durable and high-quality things, you should visit a store where you know the products are of this calibre. Try it on to determine its comfort. There is a clear distinction between quality and ordinary apparel.

Utilise this information to evaluate the appearance and feel of clothing found in different stores. Once you have experienced quality, you will be able to understand the value of Thrudark.

When you hear the word affordable, most people think "cheap", and they become delighted at the prospect of a bargain. However, cheap and affordable are two distinct concepts.

• Low-priced items are poorly manufactured with inferior materials, lousy craftsmanship, and a lack of brand attention.

• Affordability is a subjective concept. Thrudark products might necessitate an initial investment in an item of their clothing. But it will outlast everything else you own. When clothing is purchased once or for life, it becomes inexpensive and not cheap.

THRUDARK clothing is essential –made to last. Moreover, the quality of their clothes is a sign of your style and influence how others perceive you. If I followed outdoor pursuits, Thrudark would be my go-to brand because they possess the quality I admire most, authenticity.

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