The Best pair of Jeans for you

ALTHOUGH I NO longer wear tailored suits regularly, I still care about my image to know that a middle-aged man trying to dress like they're not middle-aged never works. What a man matters, and midlife should be a stage of life when you should be confident that you can navigate the current fashion trend and know the jeans you wear should be as dignified as you are. All the things that you used to get wrong should be behind you.

I'm not too fond of ill-fitting jeans, especially with your arse hanging out. Or your stomach is hanging over. Oh! And skinny anything is not a good look on a guy, even if you have an incredible physique. If you need some youthfulness, make sure it is suitably of the grown-up kind. Your jeans shouldn't make your kids want to stay home due to overwhelming embarrassment.

Please keep it simple, classic(ish), but avoid dull or frumpy bargain-basement clothing. When you get it right, you will always have it right, ignoring trends. The bad news is that looking good is going to cost you money.

There is a contemporised style to suit your style and body type. Luckily jeans come in many different styles these days, and there's something for every shape. There are regular jeans, straight-leg jeans, relaxed jeans, skinny, low-slung and baggy, boot-cut, high-waisted, and the lot. Simple and regular should be your go-to choice.

Do get the correct rise. If your rise is too high, it'll make you look older with low-rise jeans, making it look like you're trying too hard.

Don't wear Dad's (Jeremy Clarkson— ill-fitting, too high-waisted, faded by age) jeans excessively loose, especially in the legs, and they have high waists. Steve Jobs, the late co-founder of Apple, was never seen out of his black mock turtleneck, blue denim jeans and New Balance trainers.

I'm a firm believer that motorcycles have a way of making everything look cool. My midlife style is still a juxtaposition of tradition and rebellion, with the feeling of fitting in but the desire to push back. I don't wear a lot of denim, and although the trends don't change very often, they do evolve. Like most men, I've repeat-bought the same make of jeans for years, but there comes a time when you just want to update your look. 

So after an extensive google search to find a pair of jeans that I can ride my motorcycle with some protection, I discovered Rokker – jeans. What makes them unique is that they have a more traditional feel than the material you usually get with motorcycle jeans with a protective layer.

When I went onto their website, I liked a ton of stuff. But these days, money is a little tight to splash out for fun stuff. Even if you don't ride a motorcycle, check them out. They make some cool gear that would look good on or off a motorcycle. The jeans that I bought are low-rise, lightweight and stylish enough to wear anywhere, bike or not. The jeans are made with a material called 'UHMWPE fibre'. There's an abrasion slide test video on the internet of a guy being dragged along gravel to prove their point on the durability of the material ( 

The last word, remember that jeans are liable to stretch it's something to think about when you decide between two sizes. Consider your denim jeans as an investment. For me, it's about a perfect cut. Fashions come and go, yet jeans that fit well have stood the test of time paired with boots and white-T. It's a fashion that never fails.

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Even for a SUPER-A, staying motivated to exercise can be challenging physically and psychologically. So please sign-up to my newsletter for my latest blogs, workshops and retreats.
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