Sam's Riverside a Modern Classic

OPENING A RESTAURANT  is not for the faint of heart. So, opening a restaurant on the doorstep of probably the…
Wayne Lèal
26th May 2022

Lucio's: why did I wait so long to eat there?

I'M NOT SURE why it took me 19 years to visit Lucio's restaurant on London's Fulham Road in Chelsea? Maybe…
Wayne Lèal
6th May 2022

The HIDE restaurant: Lord Snooty served Humble Pie

TO BE CLEAR, this isn't necessarily a formal review of The Hide restaurant because the highlight of my evening was…
Wayne Lèal
20th Apr 2022

Bibendum: Great Food, Great Service, Stunning Venue.

THE GREAT THING about living in central London is that the choices for fine dining are bountiful, and the cuisine…
Wayne Lèal
31st Mar 2022

Will The Wolseley's egalitarian spirit soon be lost?

IT IS EASY to see why The Wolseley in Piccadilly (next door to the Ritz hotel) can be considered a…
Wayne Lèal
16th Mar 2022
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