Sun Salutation is the most significant all-rounder exercise.

WHEN YOU INTEGRATE Sun Salutations into your practice, you will learn how to achieve mental focus and core fitness, allowing…
Wayne Lèal
23rd Jan 2024

The Best Exercises for Midlifers – official!

AS YOU GET older, your body changes. Some of the things you could perform before are now more difficult. It…
Wayne Lèal
23rd Jan 2024

The exercise that will improve any forward hunched posture

MOST PEOPLE nowadays spend a significant amount of time sitting at a desk. In addition, sitting posture varies, frequently resulting…
Wayne Lèal
21st Jan 2024

Why Do Men Get Distracted by Women?

LAST WEEK, WHILE on a Meta-Age photoshoot with my pal Stefan Tomlin at Virgin Gym in Fulham, the photographer captured…
Wayne Lèal
28th Dec 2023

Meditation is not the solution; it’s the tool for better solutions.

NO MATTER YOUR age, it is incorrect to believe that exercising longer and harder is the only way to succeed…
Wayne Lèal
19th Dec 2023

Save the Children from the Curse of Obesity

WESTERN SOCIETY IS fucked, and they don't even know it. According to NHS records, obesity-related hospital admissions have more than…
Wayne Lèal
13th Dec 2023

Loneliness can Shrink Your Brain

THE UK IS experiencing an epidemic, not viral infections, bad habits, or dietary choices. Its chronic loneliness encompasses a profound…
Wayne Lèal
5th Dec 2023

When you do find your Perfect White 'T', stock up on them

EVERY THINKING MAN OWNS a classic white-T. It has always been my wardrobe's mainstay item, and I have worn it…
Wayne Lèal
4th Dec 2023

Meta-Age: Breaking the Age Code

THINK META-AGE - not Old Age!  Extending midlife for a healthier, longer life - not a slow descent into chronic…
Wayne Lèal
2nd Dec 2023

Age Reversal Fitness

COMPARED TO THEIR sedentary counterparts, the fitness of older exercisers can lead people to believe fitness training can reverse or…
Wayne Lèal
1st Dec 2023

The Pea-style motorcycle jacket is the epitome of understated style.

BIKER GEAR IS a style challenge. I was once reliably told that biker gear is ugly for a perfect reason…
Wayne Lèal
30th Nov 2023

Meta-Age is changing a socially acceptable prejudice – Ageism. 

THE QUESTION IS, what can we do as individuals and as a society to promote more positive ageing? Meta-Age –…
Wayne Lèal
30th Nov 2023

My Clients Achieve a Lean Torso at Any Age

IT TAKES WORK to have defined abs as you get older. I know people who train regularly, and for neither…
Wayne Lèal
29th Nov 2023

What Do Women Like On Men – Stylish Jeans (Not Dad Jeans)

ALTHOUGH I NO longer wear tailored suits regularly, I still care about my image and know that a middle-aged man…
Wayne Lèal
27th Nov 2023

Kun-Aqua is an Exercise Science

EXERCISERS WHO USE popular weight lifting machines (often used by older exercisers) sell themselves short of full muscle development. Machines…
Wayne Lèal
26th Nov 2023

Midlifers Need More Protein

A HIGH PROTEIN diet can boost fitness and help us maintain muscle later in life. But exactly how much protein…
Wayne Lèal
24th Nov 2023

Every young man needs schooling on the power of a decent blue suit

THE SUIT IS DEAD; long live the suit. These are strange times for suits when they are declared dead one season…
Wayne Lèal
21st Nov 2023

JUMPGA – Fitness Redefined

JUMPGA, ENDORSED BY Yoga Alliance Professionals, combines high and low-intensity cardio with yoga. It was born from periods of self-experimentation…
Wayne Lèal
20th Nov 2023

Body Confidence

ONE IN FIVE women say self-image issues ‘constantly’ affect their sex lives.  Unrealistic beauty standards can make it difficult to…
Wayne Lèal
19th Nov 2023

The Mere: Touch of Class

I'M JUST A regular man who enjoys going to excellent restaurants, eating delicious food, and writing about my experiences. Anonymity…
Wayne Lèal
6th Nov 2023

Hakkasan: one of my favourite restaurants

IN 2001 HAKKASAN in Hanway Place single-handedly transformed the public perception of Chinese food in London and how to make…
Wayne Lèal
1st Nov 2023

Search for a Life Partner!

DO YOU KNOW what you are looking for in a relationship partner? It may appear to be a simple question…
Wayne Lèal
31st Oct 2023

Avoid Common Midlifer Injuries

KEEP YOUR BODY STRONG to stand up to the test of time. As you get older, the things that make…
Wayne Lèal
31st Oct 2023

Midlife Fitness Plan at 45-Plus

FOR EVERY AGE group, exercise has an essential social and fitness aspect. The 45-plus age group know that getting their…
Wayne Lèal
2nd Sep 2023

Bibendum: Great Food, Great Service, Stunning Venue.

THE GREAT THING about living in central London is that the choices for fine dining are bountiful, and the cuisine…
Wayne Lèal
31st Mar 2023

The Stylish Man’s Hedon Helmet

WHEN IT COMES to motorcycle helmets, the second most important thing is style – your helmet needs to look cool. I…
Wayne Lèal
3rd Mar 2023

New Year, New You

New Year, New You, January is that time of year that may also bring anxiety, with some people concerned about…
Wayne Lèal
3rd Jan 2023

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