Midlife Fitness Plan at 45-Plus

FOR EVERY AGE group, exercise has an essential social and fitness aspect. The 45-plus age group know that getting their body into shape in 'Midlife' is a different challenge from the one they faced at 20. Meta-Age Midlife Fitness is the first-of-its-kind program dedicated to training the midlife body. It is an intelligent mix of ancient and new practices involving no jogging, no sit-ups, and no weightlifting.

Meta-Age Midlife Fitness is a symbolic program created explicitly for age-related change, empowering positive ageing, fitness, and longevity. Every 45-plus gym-goer wants to be biologically and physically younger than their biological age, able to live a longer, healthier life. Otherwise, what is the point of exercising?

Ageing is a natural and inevitable process, but how we age is different for everyone. A growing body of research supports the immediate benefits of exercise and meditation and how they might preserve and protect our physical body and brain structure to extend our golden years and shine even more brightly in old age.

In their 20s, people take their bodies for granted. In their 30s, they started to know their body better and what it is capable of. In their 40s, gravity, hormones, slowing metabolism, decreased lean muscle mass, and increased body fat start to creep in.  That is the time to start re-wiring their body.


Meta-Age Midlife Fitness training is no more complicated than traditional training, but it is more innovative and effective. The exercises alleviate age-related symptoms, increase metabolism and testosterone and improve mobility, flexibility, and endurance. Training in the right gym environment can also benefit mental and emotional wellbeing.

Meta-Age Midlife Fitness combines two unique mind and body programs, JUMPGA and KUN-AQUA, created explicitly for mid-lifers, and are better than any drug a doctor could ever prescribe. Their goal is to achieve peak mind and body performance for the 45-plus body to combat age-related change.

The two programs comprise compound movements incorporating upper and lower body strength training and core exercises. All the moves are low impact, and the easy-to-follow workouts incorporate all six components of optimum fitness:

1. cardiovascular endurance

2. muscular endurance

3. muscular strength

4. flexibility

5. body composition

6. mobility.

Older gym-goers can be divided into three groups: those who have never stopped exercising, those who have lapsed, and those who have never trained. These two programs will encourage all three groups to get into or continue training - and have fun along the way.

After 30, your body can lose 5% of muscle mass every decade. A study published in The New England Journal of Medicine found that, with the proper exercise, older people can avoid muscle weakness and frailty. 

Strength training is therefore vital to counter-balance muscle wastage, and cardiovascular health becomes more important than ever. The Super-A Midlife Fitness program's aerobic exercises help relax blood vessels over time and keep the heart running well and blood pressure low.

Former Middle-weight Boxing Champion of the world, Darren Barker, turned to Meta-Age Midlife Fitness before his biggest fight to improve his balance and range of motion. Subsequently, he became the first man in modern boxing to achieve a World Championship title without running, skipping, lifting weights, or doing a single sit-up.

A lot of midlife people I know have had powerfully intense experiences of group exercise classes, often feeling that they've been judged or embarrassed. People aged 45-plus aspire to look and feel younger and prefer to be defined by their activities and interests, not by their age.

Meta-Age Midlife Fitness engages people and makes exercise a shared rollercoaster experience of mental and physical improvement at all levels. When your glutes are burning and your abs are screaming at you, nothing beats having someone beside you with the same pained expression of agony. When people are in a group, there is a camaraderie – we're in this together!

Incorporating these principles into your life can lead to successful change because the body can improve itself through self-belief; as a guide to developing a mental strategy for a more disciplined approach to change.


Meta-Age Midlife Fitness serves as an essential guide in the process of behavioural change. Both JUMPGA and KUN-AQUA advocate mindful movement and self-control through pranayama. This is in stark contrast to many popular fitness activities (including yoga) that can have an aggressive approach, often leading to muscle strain, joint pain, ligament tears, or just a negative exercise experience.

These encounters or injuries can, in turn, cause emotional distress, depression, and anxiety, which are primary triggers for weight gain and ageing – the very things midlifers are battling against when they exercise!

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For the ‘Mid-lifer’, staying motivated to exercise can be challenging physically and psychologically. So please sign-up to my newsletter for my latest blogs, workshops and retreats.
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Even for a SUPER-A, staying motivated to exercise can be challenging physically and psychologically. So please sign-up to my newsletter for my latest blogs, workshops and retreats.
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