The exercise that will improve any forward hunched posture

MOST PEOPLE nowadays spend a significant amount of time sitting at a desk. In addition, sitting posture varies, frequently resulting in a depressed or contracted posture. There's also the dreaded "cell phone posture," characterised by a flexed posture, whether standing or seated.

When you sit long, your back muscles keep your body aligned. As these muscles weary, your body slumps, and your head shifts forward in reaction. In addition, your trunk will flex, and your pelvis will roll back, which might damage your muscular strength and length.

The muscles in the back of your neck and trunk elongate and weaken, while those in the front of your neck, chest, shoulders, and belly tense and shorten, resulting in poor posture!

The good news is that doing the wall angel exercise is a great option. The Wall Angel exercise will improve any forward hunched posture, stretch the chest effectively, and open the mid-back area. At the same time, you are lengthening the muscles at the front of your neck, shoulders, and core.

Poor posture also causes straining of your shoulders, neck, and spine and eventually headaches. This exercise will determine how good — or bad — your tightness is.

However, it should be noted that experts believe there is no perfect posture; what matters is that you continue to bring awareness to your posture.

Mild discomfort from the movement is normal and should subside with repetition. If you encounter acute solid pain, please stop the workout and explore other options—a few essential points. Keep your lumbar spine neutral or tucked during the wall angel exercise.

To ' reset' your alignment, perform one round of the exercise for every hour spent sitting at a computer.

Some postural patterns become less adaptable as you age, and postural workouts may not be effective. Furthermore, those with preexisting conditions, such as congenital forms of scoliosis, may not see any improvement after practising postural correction activities.

Nonetheless, most people will benefit from daily postural exercises. At the very least, you'll strengthen the muscles that sustain you daily.

All you need is a wall, or you may do it while lying on the floor with your legs bent. This exercise can assist.


1. Mobilise the shoulder girdle.

2. Reduce the forward head position.

3. Stretch front-body muscles to open the chest and decrease rounded shoulders.

4. Activate and strengthen the rhomboids, lower and middle traps in the back.

5. Reduce tension in upper traps.

To do the exercise:

1. Stand with your back against the wall, feet 6-12 inches away and knees slightly bent.

2. Lean your mid back against the wall, then flatten your lower back with a posterior pelvic tilt.

3. Tuck your chin slightly to stretch your neck, then place your back on the wall.

4. Lower your shoulders away from your ears.

5. Raise your arms to 90 degrees, then place your elbows against the wall and backs of your hands.

6. Slowly straighten your arms above your head to make a Y shape. Maintain contact with the wall with your entire back, head, elbows, and hands, and keep your shoulder blades down throughout the exercise.

7. Practice repetitions slowly and calmly.

This is a basic but effective workout that can be done every day. Try three sets of ten, spaced throughout the day, to keep you active and mobile.


If you have particularly tight shoulders and can't keep them against the wall, start the exercise with your elbows and arms slightly forward of the wall. Work on getting the shoulders back, the elbows, and the hands against the wall as you improve.

To make the exercise more challenging, try narrowing the Y shape and bringing your heels closer to the wall while keeping in touch with everything against the wall.

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