The Mere: Touch of Class

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Anonymity should be essential when a restaurant is reviewed. Otherwise, it's a distorted viewpoint. But how can it be possible with Instagram pictures of famous food critics everywhere? Restaurant staff are always on the lookout for prominent food critics. I recently ate at a restaurant, and they knew that the guy from the Times newspaper would be reviewing them. So, the staff were on point, the service was impeccable, and he was treated like food royalty. Unlike when Mr Nobody (me) visits, he gets the treatment similar to everyone else.

When I was invited to dine at The Mere, I jumped at the opportunity, having read so many positive reviews. The proprietor, Monica Galetti, is a former chef at Le Gavroche and former MasterChef judge. She named Mere after her mother and opened her restaurant in 2017.

Anyone that knows Fitzrovia will understand the unique feel it has. The Mere is a hidden gem away from the busy main roads of London, on Charlotte street where you can explore plenty of other fabulous eateries, patisseries and bars.

I can't think of another notable black female chef other than Galetti, who was born in Samoa and studied cooking in New Zealand before moving to London in 1999 to work at Roux's Michelin-starred restaurant Le Gavroche.

The Mere is an elegant and contemporary restaurant with an interior design of geometric patterns and gentle light, it has a relaxed yet refined dining experience. It is a place for the discerning diner who loves excellent food and eye-popping results on the plate. There is not a Nobel prize for food, but the dishes they served could have been an entry if there were.

My favourite dish the Hockey Pocky dessert .

My favourite dish? Let me put it another way If I were on my death bed, my last meal request would have to include the Hockey Pocky dessert that I ordered twice.

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