The Twenty Two: High-End Dining

I HAD THE pleasure of dining at 'Twenty-Two,' a recently built restaurant in Mayfair that is part of a 31-room hotel and members' club.

When it comes to dining out, attractive decor and sophisticated aesthetics are nothing new. Because food isn't the only thing to consider when choosing a restaurant, London's most stylish eateries have lavished attention on their interiors. The dining rooms of 'The Twenty-Two' are gorgeous, and their guests will be able to please their palates while feasting their eyes. The elegant décor incorporates botanical mushroom prints on panelled walls, hand-blown glass and brass chandeliers, dark-blue velvet banquettes, and dusty-blue walls.

My diner was excellent; I ordered the Crab Salad Starter, which was beautiful and which I would suggest to anyone if it were on the menu that day (changes daily). My main meal was the Dover Sole, which was fresh and simple with great creamy mash potatoes and broccoli. The meal came to a close with a raspberry mille-feuille for dessert. The wine list is excellent and extensive enough to please even the most discriminating palates.

The proprietor's goal is to attract the under 33s to the hotel, club, and restaurant, rather than focusing on the regular core clients – the well-off aged 40 and up. This policy works regarding their superb team headed up by the manager David. But I think their age bias will fail because my contemporaries would not want to stay where they did not feel equally valued. It's a high-end restaurant, and the diners on the night that I went were similarly high-end and over 40. It's not necessarily a place where my sons' generation (30's) that want to buy a new home and start a family would frequent.

Twenty Two Menu
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