Why Do Men Get Distracted by Women?

LAST WEEK, WHILE on a Meta-Age photoshoot with my pal Stefan Tomlin at Virgin Gym in Fulham, the photographer captured a funny moment in time that afflicts every straight male. No matter the age of a man, we get stupider in the presence of women. It is unlikely to earn much sympathy in these woke and condemning times, but it's the reality of most men's behaviour.

The unsurprising truth is that male cognitive resources are "depleted" by the sight of a beautiful woman. And I'm confident the picture above would elicit knowing, irritating feminine grins across the land. Also, the sad truth is that the relationship status of the guy makes no impact.

Research by psychologists Margo Wilson and Martin Daly found that when men see images of beautiful women, they become more impatient and prone to impulsive decisions. The photos put men in a mating frame of mind, which causes them to discount future rewards and seek instant gratification.

Discounting is the process by which we discount the value of future advantages versus what we can get now. Men have a more significant discount rate than women (i.e. men are more focused on the short term). The psychologists hypothesised that men had a higher discount rate than women because successful reproduction needs women to invest significantly more and for a more extended period.

Scientists say men are constantly on the lookout, cognitively speaking. The simple mention of a woman's name causes male brain cells to shut down. The thought that a woman is watching us as we work will suggest amorous possibility and opportunity in some dark brain section.

It gets worse; men perform worse when they think they are being observed by a woman, according to research. Women fared as well on the task, whether they felt a man or a woman was watching them.

It's unfortunate, if not slightly embarrassing, that men behave this way - that their minds, drained by hope, cannot grasp the ridiculousness of their optimism. But now that this secret (if there ever was one) is out, how much clearer can we see how the world works?

So, it will be no surprise that more than two-thirds of men who consider driving second nature admit to losing attention from the road, with attractive women being their primary distraction. Women are twice as likely as males to keep their eyes on the road.

You may be the most beautiful lady on the planet, with flawless character and breathtakingly hot, and still discover your partner glancing at another woman. As a result, it's not surprising that many women wonder why they gaze at other women.


"So, why do men look at other women?" women frequently ask. Although men like to think of themselves as rational, logical thinkers, they are not; men have explicit goals and what they believe other men are doing, and sex is an essential psychological goal.

Men gaze at other women because they are instinctive to admire attractive women. It is self-perpetuating, and society supports it by presenting women in the media and on television shows to elicit positive responses from male consumers. It attracts their attention and appeals to their basic primal instincts – besides food and other survival needs.

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